Ellis Rowan 2025 Wall Calendar

Ellis Rowan – painter, naturalist, writer and explorer – was an extraordinary woman for her era. For almost 50 years she travelled to the remote parts of Australia, India, Europe, America and New Guinea in pursuit of exotic flowers and wildlife to paint.

Through all her adventures, she wore the fashion of the day, full floor-length skirts, high necked long-sleeved blouses cinched into an eighteen-inch waistband, gloves, hat and umbrella crooked over her arm.

Over 3000 works testify to her prodigious output. Her internationally acclaimed and timeless work is known for its combination of beautiful colouring, artistic grouping and botanical accuracy.


The main calendar range is the Wall Calendars which measure 320 x 230 mm. Each month has boxes for each day to record your diary dates. Calendars are twin loop wire bound and hang from the top.

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Dimensions 23 × 32 cm
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Ellis Rowan