Ellis Rowan Bookplates

Ellis Rowan–painter, naturalist, writer and explorer–was an extraordinary woman for her era. For almost 50 years she travelled to the remote parts of Australia, India, Europe, America and New Guinea in pursuit of exotic flowers and wildlife to paint. Her internationally acclaimed and timeless work is known for its combination of beautiful colouring, artistic grouping and botanical accuracy.


Bookplate is a small print or decorative label placed into a book inside the front cover to indicate its owner. Bookplates typically bear a name, design, or crest that relates to or is requested by the owner of the book. Historical Bookplates are of great interest either as specimens of bygone decorative fashion or as personal relics of well-known people. Nowadays they are often of a value far greater than the book in which they are found affixed.

Includes 12 bookplates, 3 each of 4 designs.

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Dimensions 8 × 11.5 cm

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